About Alternatives.

The Alternatives Brain Institute functions like your very own Brain Gym. We offer individualized neurofeedback, qEEG, and mindfulness/therapy services as well as access to the coolest and most effective brain toys and biofeedback training devices. A division of Alternatives Behavioral Health, LLC.,  the Brain Institute provides services that help clients who are struggling with anxietysleepstressdepression, attention, ADHD and obsessive thoughts improve their life without medications.

We are qEEG, evidence-based practice meaning we help you look at your brain function and work with you to build strengths and resources, flexibility, and better performance.

It's time we started treating the brain and mind like the muscles that we work out, flex, and tune. Just like we look to diet and exercise to improve our physical health, so can we improve our brain function to give us the life we want.

Optimal performance and biofeedback/neurofeedback training can benefit brains at any age and be tailored to specific needs. Individualized programs at the Brain Institute combine cognitive fitness strategies and practices as well as cutting edge technology.


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  Meet the    Alternatives Brain Institute  Directors

Dr. Adi Jaffe, PhD

Dr. Adi Jaffe, PhD

Adi Jaffe, PhD - Executive Director, Director of Neurocognitive Services

Dr. Jaffe received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2010. Even before he graduated Dr. Jaffe’s name had become known through his online and academic writing. His views on addiction and his research on the topic have been published in dozens of journals and online publications and he has appeared on several television shows and documentaries discussing current topics in addiction and the problem of addiction as a whole. Dr. Jaffe also teaches courses at UCLA and the California State University in Long Beach that address addiction specifically or biological psychology and behavioral neuroscience more generally.

Dr. Jaffe’s view is a holistic one, drawing from the best and most recent research to bring as complete a solution to addiction clients. At Alternatives, Dr. Jaffe serves as the Director of Research, education, and innovation and is in charge of client monitoring, technology solutions, and data collections and outcomes research. His goal is to make Alternatives the best treatment program there is.

Dr. Marc Kern, PhD

Dr. Marc Kern, PhD

Marc Kern, PhD - Clinical Director

In 1982, Dr. Marc Kern received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology. In 1983, he founded Addiction Alternatives as a private practice in Los Angeles, California, to provide clients with non-12-step addiction treatment alternatives. Today, Dr. Kern serves as the Clinical Director of Alternatives Behavioral Health, LLC.

Dr. Kern regularly speaks at national and international professional conferences, conventions and workshops. He is on the Board of Directors for the self-help program, Moderation Management. Previously, he was on the Board of Directors of SMART Recovery and a member of the original board of Rational Recovery. As a guest addiction expert, Dr. Kern has made over 100 media appearances, including syndicated and local radio and TV shows, including 20/20, ABC’s popular network newsmagazine show, and CNN’s renowned Larry King Live. He has also been featured in articles in dozens of daily newspapers and national magazines.

His practical self-help book “Take Control, Now!” is a do-it-yourself blueprint for managing unwanted habits. His work has been published in professional publications, including the prestigious International Journal of the Addictions.