Neurofeedback for Depression

Depression is linked to uncoordinated brainwave patterns - neurofeedback training helps coordinate them. The specific, unaroused parts of the brain causing depression are stimulated by neurofeedback. The training brings about the normal regulation of arousal causing sleep to be normalized, anxiety lessened, and other factors to be back in order. 

Neurofeedback for depression is backed by decades of research. It helps you improve your overall function through simple brain training sessions. Correcting the left-brain bias apparent in depression and reducing excess beta and high-beta frequencies, neurofeedback helps align brain activity for optimal performance. While it may sound quite technical, the actual training session is 30-45 minutes long, painless, and non-invasive.

Using computer-reinforced learning, we help you perform at your best. Using the best biofeedback and neurofeedback tools, we can help you feel your best with only a few hours per week. 

In 30 NFB sessions at Alternatives, you get over 100,000.00 chances to learn! Now THAT'S a lot of repetition and practice right? 

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