Biofeedback Helps Improve Sleep

Many people struggle with sleep that make it difficult to fall, or stay asleep. There are many reasons for the struggle, but the end result is the same - fatigue and stress that weigh on your performance at work as well as on personal well-being and family life. But the struggle doesn't have to continue forever!

Neurofeedback training can quickly resolve these problems and help clients experience longer, more restful sleep without medication. Most clients see improvement within a week or two using non-invasive methods. From Heart Rate Variability Training (HRV), to Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation and Neurofeedback, Alternatives can help you reduce ruminative thoughts and obsessions, resolve anxiety and improve muscular-tension that are keeping you from getting the good night rest you need.

What are the most common sleep issues that improve with neurofeedback?

  • Insomnia – Difficulty falling asleep or maintaining sleep during the night

  • Difficulty waking from sleep

  • Difficulty getting to bed

  • Not feeling rested after sleep

  • Sleeping too long (over 10 hours)

  • Physically restless sleep

  • Nightmares

  • Bedwetting (Nocturnal enuresis)

  • Sleepwalking

  • Restless leg syndrome – Leg discomfort or a need to move legs, disrupting sleep

  • Bruxism – Teeth grinding during sleep

  • Sleep terrors – Abrupt arousal with intense fear, no dream recall or memory of event

  • Narcolepsy

  • Dysregulated sleep patterns/cycles (circadian rhythms)


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