What is Neurofeedback?

"Neurofeedback" is a form of biofeedback.  It is performed directly on brain activity, usually EEG or other central nervous system activity (frontal lobe blood flow training). When training "brainwaves" (EEG), you gradually make more or less of specific frequency bands (delta, theta, alpha beta) or train for connectivity between two regions. Similarly, with infrared brain training, you increase perfusion and metabolic rate of the brain.



 You begin to experience a gradual shift in experience of resources and performance.  Neurofeedback can be used to give you more functional range, address a deficit, (mood, attention) or dysregulation (sleep issues, migraine), trigger a deep relaxation (for creativity, or anxiety and overstimulation), or to exercise the brain for stability (SMR training) and increased metabolism (HEG).

Neurofeedback can be called EEG Biofeedback when training "brain waves" (EEG), or HEG Biofeedback when training Hemoencephalography.  These are both forms of "central" biofeedback.  Complementary "peripheral" biofeedback modalities include Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) training.

All forms of biofeedback are used to retrain regulation, both in an exercise sense, and in a way that encourages optimal function by providing information back to the brain it doesn't already have, and allow it to change based on this monitoring.

Neurofeedback can be used to affect broad regulatory action of the brain, including many aspects of attention and executive function, as well as mood, sleep, energy, and even migraine.

Across various research studies neurofeedback has been shown to often dramatically affect attention and self-regulation in people who are both dysregulated (from "ADHD", stress, age-related cognitive issues, sleep issues, etc) as well as for healthy adults. Similar to exercise, neurofeedback takes from 20-40 sessions to make noticeable and lasting changes.

At Alternatives Brain Institute, we use research validated EEG and HEG neurofeedback techniques, working to meet your goals for improved self-regulation, attention, and peak performance. We use Quantitative EEG brain mapping (QEEG) to asses your unique brain, and guide you towards peak performance.

Do you need a boost to your attention or memory?  Is your sleep out of tune?

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